Getting Started With LoanPro!

Getting Started with LoanPro

Welcome to LoanPro Software! We’re very excited to welcome you to our league of lending partners! This presentation highlights all of the steps you’ll need to take in order to get up and going with LoanPro Software. This article was created so that you can move at your own pace, so don’t feel like all of this needs to be done by the time you are finished reading it! It’s anticipated to take a couple of weeks to finish the entire process so no need to stress!

Through years of experience and thousands of lenders, we have determined that there are two parts to onboarding; Setup, and Using the Software. While each lender’s needs are a little different, we have found that lenders will have a much smoother experience if they are putting the horse before the cart, rather than putting the cart before the horse. To that point, we recommend following this list top-to-bottom when setting up the software. If you get stuck, don’t worry, we have our helpful support staff here to assist with any roadblocks you may run into.


Agent Users

It’s important to create your company’s employees as Agent Users in the software so they will have the ability to view loans, create loans, pull reports, and have general access to the software. Also, a big benefit of having individual user logins per employee is that they will be individually tied to transactions and changes throughout the software. Lastly remember, if you would like to assign  custom roles/access don’t forget to set that up now, or after your more familiar with the software!

Payment Processing

LoanPro integrates with PCI Wallet to process payments. As long as you have activated your PCI Wallet account, all of the necessary settings have already been configured between LoanPro & PCI Wallet. However, there are a few additional steps to complete before live money can be processed. This article provides detailed knowledge and information about how to setup the appropriate payment integrations necessary to complete the process. Additionally, our friendly support staff is on standby to answer any additional questions that aren’t covered in the article

Contract Matching

This step is very important to match the calculations that your existing contracts are using. If you’re a brand new lender, you will not need to match contracts, but for all other existing lenders, contract matching is required. This is the most difficult step of getting onboarded which is why we are here to assist! After you’ve had a chance to try it yourself by entering a new loan and playing around with it, we are happy to help!

In order for us to be the most effective, we will need you to send us a contract of one of your existing loans.

Please include the following:

– Original contract with customer

– TIL Box of loan terms (APR, Finance Charge, Loan Amount, Total Of Payments)

– Payment Schedule

– Amortization Schedule that provides a breakdown of what was scheduled to go towards interest & principal

– True Payment History & how each payment applied when it was made.

Please send this information to with the words “Contract Matching” in the subject line, and we will be happy to get your calculations figured out & how to enter them into LoanPro Software.


There are many different things that the software has the ability to default to take the guess work out of many actions in the software. Setting up these defaults to be configured in the manner that your company desires is very important for a streamlined business. Here is a list of all of the defaults that can be configured and that should be reviewed: Loan Setup, Customer Creation,   AutoPay, New Charge, New Payment.

Loan Status

Loan Status is the workflow that you choose to pass your loans through start to finish. LoanPro has started you out with some basic default loan statuses. but we recommend to review them and see if it is something your company would like to stick with. To find Loan Status simply navigate to Settings>Loans>Labeling>Loan Status. Typically the larger the lender, the more customization needs to be done to Loan Status. The labels will be something that only you can decide as the lender. In addition to the article in the subject header, listed here are some very helpful articles that further explain how to create Loan Status and some of the helpful decision-making pointers.

Source Companies

Source Companies are your vendors that you originate loans from. This could also be multiple storefront locations or multiple associated dealerships. We recommend setting up Source Companies if you originate loans from multiple vendors, dealerships, or locations.


Portfolios are used to group your loans together in specific categories. This gives you the option of pulling reports based on these grouping options. At this point in the setup, you’ll just need to determine the title, structure, and purpose that you would like to have for your portfolio groupings. Once that’s decided you’ll simply need to label them in the system.


Now you’ve made it to the fun part of your boarding process! The import is where you can take your existing loans from wherever they are stored & actually get them into LoanPro Software! Prior to diving into the import, we recommend to review the Import overview article. Once you’ve had a chance to read through that article, the next article that we recommend to read and get familiar with is the Import System Troubleshooting and Best Practices this article contains valuable preparation information & layout for the expectations of the import tool to keep you on the right track! We realize that this can sometimes be a challenging task, which is why we’re here to help! We have a great import team that can help you format your data to be compatible with LoanPro’s import tool. Simply send the data that you have in a .csv format to with the word “Import” in the subject and it will get routed straight to our Import team!

Custom Forms

Custom forms will make your life much easier! The custom forms creator allows you to create your own custom letters, contracts, memos, statements, and any other documents that need to be printed off that contain loan information. We realize that this may be a difficult task which is why we have a Custom Forms department here to help. Just email your template custom forms into with the word “Custom Forms” in the subject line and we are happy to help!

Automated Emails

LoanPro makes it easy to automate your customer communication! LoanPro offers automatic emails of two categories Event and Trigger based notifications. These emails can be customized to your liking with a few simple clicks. Additionally, in order to have emails send out, you must verify your desired email address through Amazon SES. To do this, please refer to our email address verification article.

End User Website Configuration

If you have subscribed to the end user website, now is the time to get it configured to the look and feel that your company is desiring. All of the settings to control the end user website can be found inside of Settings > Website. Once there, all of the configuration & setting options can be found on the left-hand side of the page.

API Documentation & Support

The best and most complete API Documentation can be found inside of our LoanPro API help site. We also use StackBlitz available to all LoanPro clients to test, view, and sample live API calls and endpoints. After consulting with our provided documentation if you have further questions, do not hesitate to email into with the subject of API Support and our API Support Team will be happy to assist! Because of the technical nature of API questions, all API Support is required to be relayed and answered via email or ticketing.


Congratulations on reaching this milestone! If you have any questions about the process that you’ve completed, or would like to confirm that everything that has been set up properly, now would be a great time to call our Tech Support team at 800-559-4776 and they will be more than happy to assist you. Now that you’ve got the setup of the software complete, we recommend either scheduling a screenshare training with our Support Team, or walking through the remaining items using the help materials provided.

Using The Software

Create Loan

LoanPro offers three primary ways to manually create a loan.  The types that are offered are Custom Onboarding, Pre-Configured, Standard. Each one is different, and each company finds value in each method differently so you will need to determine which method is most suitable & streamlined for your company.

Create Customer

Most commonly, you will create a customer at the same time you create a loan, however, if you would like to create a customer without creating a loan, you can do this by navigating to Users > Customer Manager > Add.

AutoPay Process

AutoPay scheduling and processing will become a critical part of your Loan Servicing tool bag. This feature allows you to automatically process payments from customers without having to communicate with them. This saves you time and money in employee expenses and allows you to grow your portfolio without growing your workforce. Also something to note is that if your AutoPay defaults are set to your liking AutoPay scheduling will be even quicker!

Logging Payments

LoanPro Software allows you to log/process payments in many different ways directly inside the software. Learning how to do this will be a breeze!

Pulling reports

Reports are a crucial part of any lending business! LoanPro offers a wide variety of reports whether it be a Payment Breakdown report, Charges report, Reverse Calculated report, or a Custom Query. We strongly recommend to familiarize yourself with these reports. Additionally, you can automate the generation of any of the reports by Automatically Generating reports.

Using bulk tools

LoanPro offers a wide variety of tools that you can use to make servicing your loans easy. Whether it be the Collector Queue, the Email Tool, the Group Custom Forms Generator, or the Billing Statements we recommend to get familiar with our system tools to put the final touch on your getting started the process.


Congratulations! You’ve followed the steps and you’re now fully boarded into the system! We recognize that there are many different lending models and many different options for setup, we have included the most common setup steps in this guide, but if you have any specific questions, please consult the LoanPro Help Center, our YouTube Channel or simply contact us in support, we are here to help! Please just give us a call at 800-559-4776 and we will be more than happy to assist you with any question that you may have in the day to day use of the software.

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