API – NACHA Return Codes

The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) set a specific format for formatting E-checks, which includes a set of codes for returned payments. These return codes act as a shorthand, explaining why an E-check was returned. For a full list of return codes and how they're used in the LoanPro UI, see our article on NACHA Returns. Similarly, our article on NACHA in the Secure Payments API lists other relevant articles that go over the API process. This article lists the values associated with each return code in the API.

Below is a list of all NACHA return codes the API recognizes:

  • nacha.returnCode.r01 – Insufficient funds
  • nacha.returnCode.r02 –  Bank account closed
  • nacha.returnCode.r03 – No bank account/unable to locate account
  • nacha.returnCode.r04 – Invalid bank account number
  • nacha.returnCode.r05 – Improper Debit to Consumer Account
  • nacha.returnCode.r06 – Returned per Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) request
  • nacha.returnCode.r07 – Authorization revoked by customer
  • nacha.returnCode.r08 – Payment stopped
  • nacha.returnCode.r09 – Uncollected funds
  • nacha.returnCode.r10 – Customer advises not authorized
  • nacha.returnCode.r11 – Check truncation entry return
  • nacha.returnCode.r12 – Branch sold to another RDFI
  • nacha.returnCode.r13 – RDFI not qualified to participate
  • nacha.returnCode.r14 – Representative payee deceased or unable to continue in that capacity
  • nacha.returnCode.r15 – Beneficiary or bank account holder
  • nacha.returnCode.r16 – Bank account frozen
  • nacha.returnCode.r17 – File record edit criteria
  • nacha.returnCode.r18 – Improper effective entry date
  • nacha.returnCode.r19 – Amount field error
  • nacha.returnCode.r20 – Non-payment bank account
  • nacha.returnCode.r21 – Invalid company ID number
  • nacha.returnCode.r22 – Invalid individual ID number
  • nacha.returnCode.r23 – Credit entry refused by receiver
  • nacha.returnCode.r24 – Duplicate entry
  • nacha.returnCode.r25 – Addenda error
  • nacha.returnCode.r26 – Mandatory field error
  • nacha.returnCode.r27 – Trace number error
  • nacha.returnCode.r28 – Transit routing number check digit error
  • nacha.returnCode.r29 – Corporate customer advises not authorized
  • nacha.returnCode.r30 – RDFI not participant in check truncation program
  • nacha.returnCode.r31 – Permissible return entry (CCD and CTX only)
  • nacha.returnCode.r32 – RDFI non-settlement
  • nacha.returnCode.r33 – Return of XCK entry
  • nacha.returnCode.r34 – Limited participation RDFI
  • nacha.returnCode.r35 – Return of improper debit entry None

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