Secure Payments API Intro


Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet) is a payment processing API, aggregating multiple payment processors. It presents a single unified RESTful API to the most common payment processing operations, supporting both credit card transactions as well as check processing.

In addition to the information found here, our ReadMe documentation site provides examples of each request. These examples include the code that is necessary to send the requests they show.

The following payment processors are supported:

  • (Credit Card)
  • Tabapay (Credit Card)
  • LoanPaymentPro (Credit Card/eCheck)
  • SpeedChex (eCheck)
  • VersaPay (Canada EFT)
  • EFT Canada (Canada EFT)
  • ACH (NACHA offline batch processing)

The API base URL is For brevity, we omit the full URL in each endpoint. Please keep in mind this when building your request URL in your application:

Documented endpoint:


Final endpoint (replacing {token} with an actual value):

Example requests are in curl but can be adapted to work in the programming language of your choosing. The only requirement is being able to make HTTPS requests.

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