Context Engine Glossary – Dates


The context engine is a large database of retrievable variables, available for use throughout LoanPro software. These are the following variables for dates:




Subsequent Due Date


Generates the due date after the next due date. For example, if the due date is 1/25/2020, the next due date is 2/25/2020, the subsequent due date will be 3/25/2020.

Transactions First Payment Date


Generates the first payment date on the transactions report.

Period End


Generates the end date of the current payment period of an account. For example, if the next due date on an account is 01/25/2020, this variable will display 01/24/2020.

Period Start


Generates the start date of the current payment period of an account (i.e. the most recent due date on an account).

Today Minus DPD


Displays today’s date minus the amount of days past due on an account. For example if today’s date is 01/11/2019, and the account is 10 days past due, this variable with display the date 01/01/2019.

Last Human Activity Date


Displays the date that any information on the account was last updated by an agent user.

Final Payment Date


Displays the currently expected final payment date on an account.

Stop Interest Dates List


Generates a list of dates on which interest stops accruing.

Original Maturity Date


Displays the original payoff date of an account.

Loan Recency


Displays the number of days that have past since a payment has been made on an account.

Stop Interest Dates

Because this variable includes multiple elements, this variable will usually need to be used in a loop. For information on how to select single values out of an array-style variable like this one see Working with Custom Forms Variables.

Here is an example of a loop, with an explanation of each element:

Below is an example of how to create a vertical list of Suspend/Resume Interest dates on an account followed by the date type (i.e. Suspend or Resume):

[[BEGIN stop-interest-dates]]

[[$date]] - [[$type]]




Displays the age of the loan (i.e. days since the contract date).

Date Last Current


Displays the date that the an account was last current.

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