Context Engine Glossary – Setup Terms

 For more information on what each Setup Term means, see the Loan Terms article.


The context engine is a large database of retrievable variables, available for use throughout LoanPro software. These are the following variables for setup terms:




Money Factor


The money factor of a lease.



The residual value of a lease.

Grace Period


The selected grace period for an account.

First Payment Due Date


The selected first scheduled payment date of an account.

Contract Date


The contract date of an account.

Interest Rate Type


The interest rate type of an account (e.g. Annually, Monthly, Weekly, etc.)

Interest Rate


The interest rate of an account.

Custom Days In Period


The custom days in period setting of an account (Only applicable if the Frequency is set to custom.)



The selected payment frequency of an account.



The term of an account.

Underwriting Fee


The underwriting fee on an account.



The discount of an account.

Total Loan Amount


The total loan amount of an account.

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