Mail House Templates


Mail house templates are template mailers that you can choose to automatically send out through LoanPro Software. The mailers are sent through our Connections platform and the service includes printing the mailer, putting it in an envelope, adding a stamp, and sending the mailer to the customer’s address.

How To

To create a mail-house template, navigate to Settings > Company > Mail House > Templates.

To create a new template, click Add.

The name and address fields should automatically populate with your company name and address. Enter a name for the template in the “Template Name” field.

You have the option to create a template using either Microsoft Word or HTML. If you use Microsoft Word, the file must be saved as a .docx. Choose the content type (either .docx or HTML) from the drop-down.

If you choose HTML, you can enter the actual mailer content in the area provided. You can include  variables in order to customize the mailer for each customer.

If you choose to use a .docx, you can drag and drop the .docx file into the drop area to upload it.

When you are done, click Save. Your template has been created.

Note: Special characters are not allowed and will return an error if special characters are included in the template.

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