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Because NACHA can be an unfamiliar subject, this article will first give background information, then it will go into the specifics of using this section.

NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) is the body that manages the development, administration, and governance of the ACH network. The ACH network is used to transfer money between depository financial institutions. Customers of Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet) have the option to use one of our integrated ACH processors. If using an integrated solution is not an option (e.g. ACH providers will not approve the customer), the customer can choose to generate NACHA files from Secure Payments and have the payments processed outside the system.

What is a NACHA File?

In the simplest terms, a NACHA file contains a list of transactions. The intent is that a bank will process the transactions in the list. NACHA files are based on punch-card technology. The result is that a NACHA file must contain specific sections and each section is composed of different characters that are located at specific positions inside the file. When a NACHA file is read by a computer, it checks characters or strings of characters that are located in specific positions within the file in order to know what it’s looking at.

How Does Secure Payments Handle NACHA Processing?

This diagram shows the way payments are processed between Secure Payments and LoanPro. You’ll notice that the area at the bottom, which outlines the NACHA process, takes place outside of both Secure Payments and LoanPro. As it stands, Secure Payments will help you generate and download a NACHA file, but that is the extent of NACHA processing in Secure Payments.

Generate a NACHA File

To generate a NACHA file, click the document icon in the top right of the page.

Choose from the Processor drop-down which processor you want to generate a NACHA file for. Click Generate. This will generate a file that will include all recorded transactions for the processor since the last NACHA file was created for the processor. You are now responsible to send the generated NACHA file to your bank so that transactions can be processed. If you don’t do anything with the file, no money will actually be deposited in or taken from your bank account.

When NACHA files are generated, any special character names will be scrubbed out. Accepted character are numbers, letters (uppercase and lowercase) and the characters - & ,

Note: If the Export Type of the processor for which you are trying to generate a file has been set to "None" then no file will be generated. To change the Export Type field navigate to Processors > Bank Account/ACH (USA) > NACHA BATCH SUBMISSION in your Secure Payments account and select the Edit icon next to the processor.

Use the search field to find NACHA files that you have created in the past. You may either search by keywords, or by date.

Select the   button to download a generated NACHA file.

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