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It’s very convenient to be able to take payments directly from your loan software. It’s even more convenient to have your loan software automatically pull payments from your customers’ credit/debit cards or bank accounts. This article will give general information about LoanPro’s integrated payment options. LoanPro is directly integrated with  Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet), which stores payment data securely. Secure Payments is integrated with a number of payment processors. This article will briefly cover the payment processing companies that Secure Payments supports and how these payments work.

Methods of Payment

Credit/Debit Cards, LoanPaymentPro, TabaPay, and Repay are companies that Secure Payments currently is integrated with for credit and debit payments. This integration works for U.S. companies ONLY. There are several pieces to a credit/debit card transaction, but the two that will be important to any company wanting to take credit/debit payments through LoanPro are the payment gateway and the merchant service provider.

In LoanPro’s case, the payment gateway will be, LoanPaymentPro, TabaPay, or Repay. This online service replaces the physical swiping of a credit or debit card. Payment information will be relayed to the payment gateway first and then routed through your merchant services provider to the credit card company.

The merchant services provider is the company that actually provides access to the credit card companies (e.g. visa). This company will usually charge a per-transaction, percentage-based fee. It will be important that you get a good rate from your merchant services provider if you are doing a lot of transactions because it could cost you a lot of money.

If you choose to go with, the easiest and best way to get a merchant services provider and to sign up with is through  Select Bankcard. LoanPro spent significant time negotiating with merchant services providers in order to get the best rates. These rates are available to all of our customers. Select Bankcard is also has had a lot of experience working with LoanPro customers and will efficiently set you up to take credit/debit payments online. Even if you have an existing merchant, we urge you to look at Select Bankcard. We have had several customers save more than the cost of LoanPro software just by using them.


LoanPro is integrated with several eCheck merchant service providers. eCheck merchants can have very specific and strict requirements so we hope that the number of options available through Secure Payments will mean that there is a good option available for your company. If not, Secure Payments is constantly adding integrations with eCheck processors. Secure Payments currently supports  SpeedChex, LoanPaymentPro, Actum, and Repay.


Secure Payments is also integrated with  VersaPay and EFT Canada for EFT transactions. EFT transactions work similarly to eCheck transactions. You can only use this integration if your company is based in Canada.


Using NACHA or CPA-005 files is a way to submit payments to payment processors that don’t have an API. These files are formatted in a way that is understood by banking systems. NACHA is the US standard and CPA-005 is the Canadian standard. You can either send or pull money using these files.

Using the Integration

Regardless of which company you use, you will be provided the information you must enter into the LoanPro system in order to process payments through LoanPro. To enter this information, navigate to Settings > Company > Merchant > Secure Payments inside your company’s account and create a payment processor of the appropriate type.

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