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Many LoanPro customers use "source companies" differently. For some, source companies are business partners or allies who refer loans. For LoanPro users with several brick-and-mortar locations, the source company features can help them keep track of each individual location where their loans are originate and are serviced. In either case, you can use the Source Company Manager's Documents tab to keep track of any files you want to store.

Getting to the Documents Tab

From anywhere in LoanPro, go to the banner across the top of the page and click Users > Source Company Manager.

Our main article on the Source Company Manager explains the dashboard and search bar on this page, which you can use to find the specific source company whose you want to add or edit documents on. Just click on that company and you'll be taken to that company's page.

From there, just click over to the Documents tab.

Main Page

The main page for the Documents tab shows a search bar and a list of the documents you've made on this source company. Each entry includes a document title, a section, the file itself, a button to toggle activity, and information about the author who added it.

  • Title: A name you give to the document.
  • ID: A number that LoanPro assigns to the document.
  • Section: A label pulled from your Source Company Settings.
  • File: The file you uploaded.
  • Active: Whether the document is active or not.
  • Author: The LoanPro user who added the document.
  • Author IP: The author's IP address.
  • Created: A timestamp of when the document was added.

Adding a New Document

To add a new document, click the Add Document button to the right of the search bar. It pulls up this window, where you'll title the document, assign it a section, and add the file itself. The title can be whatever you'd like, and the section pulls from the list of labels you create in your Source Company Settings.

When you've added the file, click Save, and it will appear in the list with the others on the Documents tab.

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