Quick Quote


You may want to be able to run a loan calculation without creating a permanent loan account.  The Quick Quote tool was designed create a temporary loan so you can see loan numbers and other loan data, but which will be automatically deleted unless you choose to make it permanent.

How To

To run a loan calculation, navigate to Tools > Quick Quote inside your loan account.

You will immediately be asked to choose the Loan Category and Loan Type.  Select the options you want and click Continue.

You will now be able to enter all the loan data just like you would in the account setup tab inside a loan or lease account.  Enter the  loan terms,  escrow calculator data, and  advanced configuration data.  Optionally, you can enter custom field information in the additional information section and  late fee configuration.  When you have entered as much information as is necessary for the quote, click Save & Calculate to run the calculation.

If you would like to convert the data you entered into permanent account, click Convert To Loan.

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