Canada Bank Return Codes


LoanPro lets Canadian companies process payments using CPA standard 005 formatted files. This format is used by most Canadian banks. The file can simply be submitted to the originating bank, and will contain all information necessary to complete the transfer of funds to or from one or more bank accounts. CPA-005 files cannot be used if the originating bank or the target banks are not located in Canada. Some transactions might be rejected from Canadian banks, each of them will have a Rejection Code provided by the bank, you can determine specific actions for depending of the code received.

How To

To set a specific action for a Canad Return Code, navigate to Settings > Company > Merchant > Canada Returns.

The page displays all of the return codes. Click the mode_edit next to the desired code to add an action.

Choose the desired action related to the code in the popup window and click Save.

All of the return codes and abbreviations are listed for reference below:

  • 900 Edit Reject REJ/REV
  • 901 NSF (Debit Only) NSF/DSP
  • 902 Account Not Found CNT/ITV
  • 903 Payment Stopped/Recalled STP/ARR
  • 905 Account Closed CLS/FER
  • 907 No Debit Allowed NCP/PPC
  • 908 Funds Not Cleared (Debit Only) FNC/FNL
  • 909 Currency/Account Mismatch WCU/MDC
  • 910 Payor/Payee Deceased DEC/DEC
  • 911 Account Frozen FZN/BLQ
  • 912 Invalid/Incorrect Account No. INA/INV
  • 914 Incorrect Payor/Payee Name INP/NOM
  • 915 No Agreement Existed ANP/NOG
  • 916 Not According to Agreement – Personal NCA/ACP
  • 917 Agreement Revoked – Personal ARP/AGP
  • 918 No Confirmation/Pre-Notification – Personal PNP/PRP
  • 919 Not According to Agreement – Business NCE/ACB
  • 920 Agreement Revoked – Business ARE/AGB
  • 921 No Confirmation/Pre-Notification – Business PNE/PRB
  • 922 Customer Initiated Return (Credit Only) REC/CIR
  • 990 Institution in Default DEF/DEF

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