Status Change Notifications


LoanPro can automatically send SMS text and email notifications based on events that occur within your accounts. You can also choose to have an internal notification sent. Status change notifications let you specify a message that will get sent out when a specific loan status and/or sub-status changes to another specific loan status or sub-status.

How To

To add a status change notification, navigate to Settings > Company > Notifications > Event Based Notifications.

Click Add. Then enter a name and a description for this event in the fields provided. 

To set up a new status-change notification first, choose the status change(s) that will trigger the notification. Select the original loan status and/or sub-status from the “From” drop-down. Then select the status and/or sub-status that the original status and/or sub-status must change to in order to trigger the notification from the “To” drop-down. If you want the same notification to be triggered for more than one status change, click ADD STATUS CHANGE to add another status

Once you have specified the status change that will trigger this notification, you can set up any or all of the different types of notifications that can be sent when the status change occurs.

Use the buttons to switch between notification types.


Each of the message types lets you restrict which customers will receive a notification based on certain parameters on those customers’ accounts.  These include: Loan Status, E-Billing status, Source CompanyLoan Aging, Days Past Due, Amount Past Due, Human Activity, Loan Recency, and Portfolios.

The notifications are restricted to the accounts that fall within the parameters you select. For example, if you choose a loan aging bracket of 0-20, the notification will only be sent to customers on loan accounts that are between 0 and 20 days old.


To turn on the SMS notification type for this status change, set "Enabled" to yes.  Select which template you want to use from the Templates drop-down. The templates will have been created through Solutions By Text.


Set the Email Status toggle switch to On to turn on email notifications for this status change. Fill out the following information about the email notification:

  • Email Subject – The subject of the email that will be sent.
  • Deliver To – Choose whether the email will be sent to customers, agent users, or both.
  • From Address – Choose from your verified email addresses which address will display as the from address for this email.
  • From Title – Enter that title or name that should show to the customer as the sender of this email.

Now you can enter the content of the message in the Message field. You can format the message using the formatting options.  These options include: Text Color, Highlight Color, Bold, Italics, Underline, Bullets, Numbers, Undo, Redo, Font, Fullscreen, HTML View, Formats, Insert Image, Preview, Left Align, Center Align, Right Align, Justify Text, Increase Indent, and Decrease Indent.

You can also click Help Variables. This will show you the available variables and let you easily add them to your email message.


To turn on the SYSTEM notification type for this status change, set "Enabled" to yes. Now you can add a message to the Message field in the same was as you can add an email message.

Once you’ve finished setting up any of the message types that you need, click   to save the notification.

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